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not anymore or. very very just by the read that we're sitting on this precipice where it's this post we're not in charge anymore we're not an empire right after they spent the last average spent the last twenty years telling us what an empire we're just you know we're peacekeepers it's amazing how the turn of the tide once they actually see it crumbling it's interesting what they pointed to his reasons let me walk you through a few of them oh please one of the big ones they say is russia and china yes the presence of russia and china in their pursuit of their own national interests is basically seen and they admit candidly in the report that the that is a threat to undermine us of authority because they dare to seek a new distribution of power and authority commensurate with their emergence as legitimate rivals to us dominance so because russia and china basically want to be considered equals that is a threat to us dominant to be low they want to be recognized as a nation it's and resonated equally in the world community i know weird isn't it
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that this is really like the bully going like the kids are not these kids aren't just doing what i said i'm going around anymore and somehow we're supposed to fix that what's interesting too is when you look at us media and things like that all of the things that the pentagon is deeming is threats are also the bad guys and us media i mean you look at it like they love iran and north korea together with the reporter yeah i know they were a little bit deliberate fifty ish if they were there for their report reveals that iran and north korea are neither the products of nor are they satisfied with the contemporary order seen at a minimum they intend to destroy the reach of the u.s. led order and to what they perceive to be their legitimate sphere of influence they are also resolved to replace that order locally with a new rule dictated by them. they want to be governed by themselves and people in their own neighborhood as opposed to having people from thousands of miles away telling them what to do just shock a shock. shocking i can't even imagine m.r.
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right. we're looking at the report together where there was an interesting bit of truth that came out of it truth there not healing yourself out through with yes there are some truths about facts some analysis about the yes the truthiness the truth or so according to the report what they're saying is that the most dangerous causes of civil unrest and nasty stabilisation are facts that are damaging to the global reputation of the united states seriously these are categorized and a couple of ways there's fact inconvenient which are details that by implication undermine legitimate authority and a road the relationship between governments and the government for example facts that reveal how government policy is corrupt incompetent or undemocratic then there's fact paralysed below the second parallel refers basically to national security leaks from whistleblowers what came from chelsea manning odd word snowden these things are you know fact for us then there's my personal favorite fact toxic
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truth exposed in the absence of contacts and therefore poison important political discourse again the investigative journalist that you have spoken about nazis i met right in short the u.s. army war college study team believe that the spread of facts challenging the legitimacy of american empire is a major driver of its decline not the actual behavior of the empire which such facts point to that is the thing that blows my mind it's like come on it's true these are mad things but those are facts that make us uncomfortable and make us not look as fabulous as we think we are so incredible we are like a teenage like you know we're like a teenager like trying to maintain popularity in high school and beating up people and not. just the people around and that we just be the love is like no don't don't talk bad about me and it's almost even worse it's like now that person has grown up and they're in their thirty's and forty's and now it's this like don't. fix the
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problem just let's just botox our entire mad others are going down the only at the end certainly no no no problem in the report words to double down on surveillance and double down on militarism an expansion of absolute ridiculous. so according to the pentagon our great american empire may be crumbling do we really know how far the empire is already extended to shed some light on just what kind of presence our military intelligence agencies have happened some of the world's ugliest situation sean stone recently sat down with paul williams and award winning investigative journalist and former consultant to the f.b.i. his most recent book operation gladio details the extent of the cia's network of paramilitary cells across europe and he believes that history may be coming back to haunt us now so now you mentioned bloody or earlier let's talk about gladio because obviously there's the historical aspect of gladio which we know has to do with stay behind armies facing the fascist elements the post in the post world war era former nazis and basically fascist groups that were being utilized by the western
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intelligence apparatus of nato and basically were used not only as stay behind armies in case of a soviet invasion but oftentimes were engaging in terror attacks in the west and then blame on leftists whether it's red brigade or the socialist movement parties right to basically try to create political chefs internally in the west because matter of fact as you know like during levy one the years of lead in italy when there were these who refuse bombings even the mean positive from the time they were all done by really the stay behind units are glued to your units spurred on by the cia funded by the cia and all these attacks are blamed on the terrorists of course economists were completely completely completely you know innocent so it was a ploy but we know this not only in italy but we've you in know in. in germany
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the homburg bombing throughout latin america i mean the dictatorships the dirty war in in argentina this is all part of glad to go and that the figure that played in gladio at that time are incredibly interesting because one of course is jose maria berg oleo who was called princes. the current pope because he was well precisely no one really knows can account for what he did during the dirty war argentina which was brutal obviously the execution of so many people who were considered leftists right socialists of all ages. the priest who would support the liberation theology i mean he got a rose she turned out turned over two of his priests not only the members of their congregation but the priests themselves turn them over to the hotel where they were tortured for months and months and months where members of their congregation were loaded on interest for helicopters flown over the ocean and dumped off this is all
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part of pope francis and it was all part of gladio one right which of course never had it but for its was a cardinal basically it was just a regular bishop at the time he was a provincial general of the society of jesus he was a jesuit i see is one of the generals but so this obviously does harken back to italy a lot of the apparatus of the find it let's say that the only financial apparatus which you cover in your book about the money laundering that goes that went through the catholic church to the vatican bank historically but also the ties to the mafia who were of obviously connected to the drug world and then that tied them to our own intelligence particularly cia that has been gauging in the traffic whether it was heroin and opium from the golden triangle during the vietnam war years or during the afghan war in the eighty's obviously we see a lot of the opium profits opium being a lot longer from afghanistan through turkey and the profits being
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a lot of the paddock and bags so where does where do we ultimately stand as far as understanding the relationship of gladio past to present quite early on there were stopped. it never stopped. and. most recently it concerns the up to the operations of glad to go to are focused in central asia central focused in not only turkey but syria iran i mean that's where the focus is and for a while it was it was libya but it's still going on that has never never never stopped but what are the indications that we can be sure that it's continuing ok beginning with let's begin with just one going back to nineteen ninety eight we had the bombings of the u.s. embassies in kenya and came to me cancerians it. we know that
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right now all the documents have come out that the person that did the press in the cia said it was guilty of perpetuating come during these acts was a guy by their mohamed ali like a fire muhammad ali right he was from california he allegedly turned radical and he joined al qaida and then he he bombed the embassies oh really happen is this guy was not taking part in in the activities in afghanistan or pakistan at all he was in the u.s. military bases being trained once again by army intelligence when he was finally captured really by mistake he was brought on trial and guess what happened he disappeared disappear into thin air right then you have of course the mysteries surrounding nine eleven you've got your false flag attack which is a characteristic of gladio. look at saddam hussein look at it good awfully look
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we're right right now about assad every day goes on assad right now oh he's creating weapons of mass destruction is make creating chemical weapons so we have to bomb them again this is all gladio. you see it was the false flags that have no basis in reality at all and yet the american people buy it time and. again it seems that every time there's a major a major push by assad's regime what the iraqi regime to actually depose the isis base we get an allegation that immediately pops up of chemical weapons being used and then u.s. forces start to shift you know again against against the assad regime right i could scream i could scream i could scream because number one of my very rarely talk to your point it's insightful but this is what happened and you know what. you know what's happening right now with that with that with that whole situation. we
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created isis. i mean isis is no less than the people up and is slumbered no less than google and is a cia creation john mccain for heaven's sake was over there with the with the isis officials we created them they came from the group the syrian liberation front these two organizations combined and they they they morphed into isis it's our creation we create them we still direct them when isis warriors are injured in battle where they transport their transport of heaven sent to israel they are treated by the israelis in israeli hospitals and brought back to battle openly the rebels have admitted acknowledge that they've been supported by israel and they if they is real for helping them in fact arms are oftentimes caught israeli arms are caught on route to the rebel groups but when it comes to this then the grand scheme
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the grand chessboard game. obviously we are seeing the neo con strategy wes clark talked about it destabilize and overthrow the governments of iraq somalia sudan libya syria iran you know this was the strategy that he talked about over fifteen years ago yes and obviously we've seen it come to fruition to a large extent but what is their game is ultimately is it just continuing to destabilize the sovereign regimes that that oppose the will of the various financial oil conglomerates or is it to create just total chaos in this entire region the ultimate goal of course is much wealth you know real wealth comes from going to resources our money is you know destructive it's not backed by anything but real wealth comes from natural resources be gold. be an oil. be it heroin which is the third most variable commodity in the world right now another reason we're in afghanistan but. the end of the game the game can be is
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being played to be won it's not a game that will go one i did for good so the end of the game is is total economic control of the world. as we go to break court watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics we've covered of facebook and twitter see our poll shows at r.t. dot com coming up parties on your part four percent support for a controversial back of the yards neighborhood of herself south of chicago and then traveled to wallace decodes the new language of artificial intelligence state to. financials by a guy by a i pod on a teacher's. think almost five. i saw some of my ex from the future truck i
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watched kaiser. credit is one of the basic instruments to drive an economy but it can also lead to tragedy i did it i took a line to how to start game big and meant that the debts tie game and it was. many lives have been broken excessive the banks got you into trouble. big bankers come. by the banks but i didn't think of. the lost money through the back. creditors people see no future bad face and have you know you become ill you due to job your relationship breaks down you become a casualty is dead on life long or is there no way out of those actually going to bed hungry no would like to ditch a bill for so much risk and. i
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really think that liberal democracy is in deep trouble as a deliberate democratic politicians have sort of created their own soul of what matters and they're leaving out more and more in the larger historical sense i would say liberal democracy has really reached its limits. chicago a city we can't seem to stop caring about in the recent media reports on crime just this week a seventy year old man was shot and killed on the south side when peace when police believe he was caught in a gang gang related crossfire to understand what may be fueling this tragic spiral of violence r.t.s. on your part will travel to the south side neighborhood known as the back of the
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yards here's her report. like most centers of american industry and capital everywhere you look in downtown chicago it's evident there as well according to the laws of economics were taught in school that would perhaps mean some of it has trickled down to the south side but it hasn't this crazy. several friends to gun violence. just recently had a killer. march out of. his funeral two weeks ago i graduated from high school. was incarcerated one time for misdemeanor crime. and i can still can get a job i met johnson at the precious blood ministry of reconciliation a center established in the back of the yards neighborhood which invites members of the community to come discuss their experiences or just hang out in safety or he now works with local youth precious blood was established by a group of priests and sisters who decided to step in. and provide opportunities
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and space for young people otherwise scarce on this side of town people who are always wonder i always expect the same question why do people lie why do people who sail gone or whatever they write whatever they do to get they money i mean it's plain sample if you really think about if you sit back and think. if you walk through his community tell me how many stores you see how many stores you see how many. fresh food markets like how many places out what what do we have in our community that we can go and say i'm looking for a job and i'm willing to work on one do this and that and they actually open invites and we were all bones in arms and i will have that schools on the south side are either underfunded or closed all together in two thousand and fourteen chicago mayor rahm emanuel shut down fifty four public schools fifty four on the poorest south or west sides stephen grew up in this neighborhood schools like
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schooling while we're at school like this we did all our going to approve of like i want they want to mean we had all our going to putus what is abundant in this neighborhood illegal guns in two thousand and sixteen chicago recovered to one illegal gun for every hour of the year father dave kelly is the executive director of precious blood wash a cargo house and a lot of times i'll say this was in the strictest gun laws there are but we're right next to indiana and we're right next to. communities that. don't not have strict gun laws and the you know the market of selling guns coming up from the south you know you hear that all the time as well i'm so i see a lot of assault rifles now. grown up out and i've been around people that had a k forty seven s. automatic. sixteen s and all the type of not just hang. assault
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rifles that i'm sure someone in our neighborhood so yeah that does that is the perfect question like where are these guns come from hearing the conditions described by people here no economy coupled with gun availability high rates of crime seem predictable as light going up as raw. now that is. why you can't take the bus when you want to no mo you gotta watch go back we welcome history you can even go to the stone a cornerstone without nobody or you or your bag trying to shoot you as we speak we have the same gang killing each other as not to defy the games company kill and. the game is the people we grew up with killing each other like my friend is a guy killed two weeks ago he was killed by someone we all grow up where we all grew up together and to know that i went to my homey firm rule and in our studio no to get it killed them is like wow the city messed up like you know freeness like.
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my homie kill my homie offering to cure mushroom could she say he say stuff it's easy to stop the story their father kelly says the media portrayal of the violence ignores its roots we have too much violence i mean that's accurate too many guns that's accurate. what's not accurate is that that's the only thing going on in these communities as though every young person who is of color is somehow involved in the gang that's not accurate and that it's a gang issue it's really not a gang issue the gang is really a symptom of a larger issue which is disconnect not feeling like to belong you know they have guns they want to go out and shoot people that's the that's the story and that's not really the story the story is you have the reality is you have young people who have been neglected for generations they're fed this is generational poverty we've we as
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a society and i'm talking about the government i'm talking about the church and i'm talking about society in the whole have neglected the communities for a long time mayor emmanuelle has collaborated with the trumpet ministration to address chicago's violence by welcoming twenty federal agents from the bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms but do people here think more police will make them safer oh think so. you think so one of my friends is the car's rated piece of blight my yellow piece of blame is they put those over co-founder nowness i suppose for a gun to let him go that's that's like a bonus for now any time you go any time of second going to and because what a gun you know how good they look but people don't don't really get. the streets look out for the streets. just as well as the offices of golf with offices how many towns have offices be the wrong thing to cover up for their fellow offices so it's
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like come on. this is so if if if we go be. structured government. to go for everyone over to the office of the no not just people in poverty stricken what solution could the government look to other than policing precious blood's model seems to work it's rooted in the philosophy put forward by father greg boyle of los angeles nothing stops a bullet like a job. agreement there because when you think about it. if where you fit is not on the street they are actually at work working that is less time spent in having to carry a gun that's why i like the work that i do because we create those programs so what i have some to do in this program cross street coaching program but i. bought a car. stop. telling me the model is weak and then i've been i mean stop come to the senate. and i have
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a man on the meese money and i want to go to do it the better way so i come back trying to get. the precious blood community purchased a home to run of the providing on the job construction training for youth they also have a community garden and arts center where they feature work of inmates alongside those in the community including the breathtaking work of adolfo davis a man sentenced to life without possibility of parole at fourteen years old he was convicted as an accomplice to gang related murder though it was proven he never fired a gun his art depicts his own struggle and the struggle of chicago as young people do have feelings they do care. but it's overwhelmed by the sense of. of numbness if you will going through life not feeling that kind of care or connected to community and things like that this scenario one reason that like a lot of here. still not
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a lot. it's perhaps when looking at the art on display at precious blood when you can most clearly see reality that people here on the south side would be capable of creating anything if only they were given brushes rather than guns in chicago on a par in pill or to. one of the most influential philosophers of the twentieth century ludwig victim. had this to say the limits of my language or. the limits of my world and the folks at the facebook artificial intelligence research lab discovered that we may be always a little bit limited from the world of artificial intelligence by language the two negotiating robot named bob and alice had this exchange regarding the price of a fictional item bob tried relentlessly to get alice to budge from a negotiating position by stating i can i everything else but alice unfazed by bob's negotiating skills required reboot repeatedly balls have zero to
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me to me to me to be to me to me. i think humans often use special dialectics like hand signals because in some instances it's more productive but bob they won't be able to use this language they're going to have to stick their english for now but many wonder if allowing bots to create their own more efficient language could be helpful if we could just learn it however the bot exchange between bob and alice could be really cool with it that a crude oil. you know that's a good to me to me to me to me all right. that's the heart alright that it starts over you have been remember everyone in this world read about tolbert of the not so it's all wall i love you i am tired robot i'm top of the wall us keep on watching those hawks are great day and night everybody.
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in the us a child can choose another me course in school. with or tell it all fizzes as teachers we don't. recruit we'll sisters if the dead is interested in going in the military but we don't recruit ourselves. the pentagon is funding a program to boost interest in the. still. willing to take children a little more they ask me call of duty is a very popular video. it's playing. call of duty. call of duty.
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to be told. just need more recruits. drug trafficking organizations are very sophisticated and they function very much like a global corporation you know they have different components they have components that engage in money laundering and of course men you know that show lane security forces that you only not been forman's. which are with me and many of. those get a little. bit too much as well. but. it was it was about i guess sort of kind of this side of this you. just
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see there. where they boo you go get a good area for him and it's it's. never really know for sure but this has been a active area. so i. you know. when i started no i. mentioned again six thirty five if you have a career and career involves using your i phone in your computer and things that have been in an office. perhaps you sort of getting headaches or getting fatigued
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you could have to stop doing all this in this kind of you do the minutes must be frightening my world became smaller and smaller and smaller until i ended up winning it and box. aroud it a very strong magnetic field on the field in my head. think of it like a real hard pressure my skin burned and that wireless access point here says continuous all day with our students in the schools. we are just continually bathing our citizens in this microwave radiation it is certainly electro small and it's getting worse. credit is one of the basic instruments to drive an economy but it can also lead to tragedy i did. just i came to god and met the death star game and it was fire not. many lives have been broken by excessive debt in the banks
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got you into for a walk on all the big bankers got big. money by the banks but arst didn't think of the ordinary man in the morning through the back under don't buy creditors people see no future bad face for how you know you become ill get into a job your relationship breaks down you become a casualty is dead a life long trip or is there a way out of those actually trying to bed or know would be right to ditch bill for . a few more. it's lights.
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out. germans are safe to travel to turkey. threatening economic retaliate. the two nations already strained relations further. exposed and vulnerable. in the dumps the us president gets record low ratings we look at the polls fail to predict.


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